translated from Spanish: Felipe Fort donated 420 dollars to Rubius and told him the story of his family

Rubius currently is one of the most famous youtubers, actually has more than 30 million subscribers in its channel. 

«The 28-year-old was received by Felipe Fort, the son of Ricardo, 420 dollars, equivalent to about 60 thousand bit coin handling one of the games of the moment,»Fornite».» Do think your family well I send so much money? «, he asked the malageno in a tone which showed him embarrassed. «Credit card is an extension, then you can explain,» replied the own Felipe.

Photo: Instagram @felipe_fort_ and as it progressed the game that did, told his story of life: «my dad went to United States to Los Angeles, California, to have us to us through a subrogated belly. My dad was like a celebrity, so say it, and recently, on 25 November, marked five years of his death», he said at first.

Photo: Instagram @felipe_fort_ also clarified that the chocolate factory, which is owner in part, his great-grandfather created it «also named Felipe Fort, and the company put Fel-Fort». No doubt was a very exciting story so it was sensitized Rubius: «very strong in my life I had heard a story as well», told him and fired him at the end of the game: «Good Felipe, has been a pleasure to meet you, see you crack and you go well». In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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