translated from Spanish: They reveal that the maid of Trump is an undocumented immigrant

New York, (AFP) – the luxurious club of golf of Donald Trump in New Jersey has employed undocumented immigrants, even though the President denounces all the time illegal immigration and insists in that jobs be afforded to Americans, the New York newspaper reported Thursday Morales Victorina Guatemalan Times.La, 45-year-old is a maid at the Trump National Golf Club bedminster from 2013, when she was hired after presenting false documents. Their tasks include making Trump bed when this is hosted there and clean your bathroom, reported the Times.

Victorina left Guatemala in 1999 and entered illegally in the United States. He began working on the Trump in Bedminster, New Jersey golf club, in 2013. Photo: The New York Times she and the exempleada Sandra Díaz, of 46 years, who is now a legal resident, told the Times that there are other undocumented workers at the club, and that supervisors have taken steps to avoid that they are detected and they can keep their s jobs. The Times said there is no evidence that Trump or his family company, the Trump Organization, executives were aware of the immigration status of employees.
«We have tens of thousands of employees in our properties and we have very stringent hiring practices,» said a spokesman for the Organization in a message sent to AFP.

The Sandra Díaz exempleada, also work illegally on the luxurious golf course of Donald Trump and denouncing humiliations and ill-treatment. Photo: The New York Times «if any employee presented false documents in an attempt to evade the law, will be dismissed immediately», he added.

Diaz recalled that in 2012 Trump was angry because one of its golf, supposedly clean, shirts had stains oranges in the neck, the maid attributed to your makeup. Both Diaz and Morales described the President as demanding but friendly, sometimes distributing tips of 50 or 100 dollars. Morales, who earns $13 hour, said that employees were increasingly angered by the negative rhetoric of Trump about Hispanic immigrants and said that a supervisor was them «stupid illegal immigrants».

«We are tired of the abuse, insults, of the way in which speaks of us when they know that we are here helping to make money», told the Times.

«We sweat to meet each of their needs and have to endure the humiliation,» complained.

Shortly after the start of his presidential campaign, dismissed several employees without papers. «Many people left», said Morales.El Times reported that the maid has requested asylum and studied Sue by abuse and discrimination in the workplace. The U.S. civilian labor force includes 7.8 million immigrants without papers, according to the Pew Research Center.

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