translated from Spanish: Azael Toledo is pronounced by harmonization of domestic legislation with federal environmental

Morelia, Michoacan.-environmental and biodiversity requires a legal framework that meets current needs, is required to harmonize the local law with federal law, said Deputy Alfredo Azael Toledo Rangel, during a meeting with the owner of the Ministry of environment, climate change and regional development (Semaccdet), in the State, Ricardo Luna Garcia.
The President of the Commission for Rural development with the Local legislature LXXIV, met with the State official in order to establish agreements that contribute to strengthen actions in protection of the environment and promote everyone from its proposed trench in the matter.
Azael Toledo made a mention of that in Michoacan requires the strengthening of actions to ensure the generation of clean energy, which generates a positive impact on the environment, therefore, pointed out that since the PRD parliamentary group will be presented in next few days an initiative in this regard.
It also referred to the principles of intergenerational justice and strategic environmental assessment should incorporate so who pollute pay higher penalties for environmental services and where adjustments to the law is also required.
In that context, he said that through the PRD parliamentary group working on various proposals, including a reform to the law of development forestry sustainable of the State of Michoacán, which seeks the harmonization of domestic legislation with the law General of sustainable forest development.
He also mentioned that you working on an initiative of the State of biodiversity law to give effect to human rights recognized in the Constitution, including the rights of indigenous peoples and communities concerning the use and management of resources natural, the right to a healthy environment, the right to information, the right to participation; being the conservation, use and sustainable use of biodiversity, a way to reach this end.
Azael Rangel pointed out that through the parliamentary group of the PRD will be presented a reform to environmental law for the sustainable development of the State to incorporate the principles of intergenerational justice and strategic environmental assessment for who pollute pay higher penalties for environmental services.
Coupled with an initiative to the alternative mobility and sustainable of the State Building Act, in order to reduce the impact on ecosystems, reducing the use of conventional transport, driving less or non-polluting alternatives.
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