translated from Spanish: Barros Schelotto: “the only thing that makes me wrong is to not put the Cup in the mouth”

with high front, Guillermo Barros Schelloto arose in the press conference, where in addition to congratulate River, appreciated the performance of the players in Ber mouth nabeu, and showed all his pain for not having given a joy the xeneizes fans. “The pain of William:”the only thing I have is sadness at not winning the Cup and give it to people’s mouth, is the only thing that makes me wrong, do not carry the Cup mouth”.” “I feel a tremendous pain for not having won the Cup, but more by the people”. Support from fans: “it is difficult to talk to people who we have not achieved the Cup.” He has made much effort from Argentina. “I think that the character, the desire and the heart that was the players and above all are in the extension, with a man less” “did not reach and we feel a great sadness, not only for the people who made an effort to come here, but in all those who supported us , in local and training matches “another mouth end vs River:” sometimes it seems that we are incorrigible and very little which can take advantage of this stadium and the way that has behaved people. “” Than if it again to play the final in a few years, not going to play “support team:”to the site told her that I had felt represented. ” I think it was an even match. Boca had its first time, River was the second, but in the extra time with a man less appeared that character. I thanked them heart that gave everything and we had to lose “the Conmebol and the attack:” in terms of sports, by my is finished. “” In legal terms, it would be good for Conmebol to take some action. It cannot be to happen what happened the other day and is beyond River or mouth, in our country said that it is standard and is not normal. But sports is already, River won “Gago, injured again:”Gago is wrong, injured. ” He had an injury and could not play more.” In this note:

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