translated from Spanish: Delegation of parliamentarians had pledged to support immigration Pact of the UN

while the Government indicated that it will not support the Pact for migration which encourages the United Nations, a group of parliamentarians signed a compact h support Oy in Morocco, informed Emol.
The delegation was formed by Andrea Parra (IND. pro PPD), Manuel Jose Ossandon (RN) and Ximena orders (PPD) and supported by the parliamentary declaration it is postulated that «we, parliamentarians from around the world, gathered in Rabat, by the invitation of the» Parliament of the Kingdom of Morocco, we will use our power to help fully to the implementation of the Global Compact for the safe, orderly and Normal migration».
The Congresswoman Andrea Parra said, against the refusal of the Government to support the Pact, «we were with the Ambassador, share with him, and in fact he was now going to Marrakech. In that regard, he stressed that you he will have representation at the Summit. So I don’t know if he fell asleep or someone informed him that they would not attend the Pact. In fact when we talked with him, I knew nothing».
«We strongly believe in the key message of the Global Compact, of the places time isolated and isolationist policies of national migration has come to an end.» A holistic approach to migration requires strategies more coordinated and harmonized for the purposes to intervene. International cooperation is essential for this purpose,»argues in addition the document signed by parliamentarians, called»»parliamentary meeting on the occasion of the adoption of a global pact to the Segura, orderly and Normal migration».
The text also proposes that «we are committed to working within our parliaments to design and implement a ‘parliamentary action plan on migration'».

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