translated from Spanish: «End of the story: River and Boca will play the final of the liberators in Madrid

…» «Ten euros scarf», says a salesman at the door of the Santiago Bernabeu while exhibiting a garment of River Plate with the image of the stadium of Real Madrid and the date of 9 December. The Boca Juniors, assures, will arrive shortly. The historic duel that the two most important Argentine football clubs will play today for the final of the Copa Libertadores de América Madrid seized. Not only in revenue to the stadium, where fans of both teams roam with their shirts and flags, journalists, onlookers and vendors, but also in bars, on the streets and in the media. And even in the first level of the political agenda. Talks, however, does not revolve around the tactical question from Guillermo Barros Schelotto and the possible double «9» mouth or to the dilemma of Marcelo Gallardo to replace her forward Ignacio Scocco likely low on River. What refers to is name of Rafael di Zeo, cavern Godoy and the famous «barras bravas» that frighten calida security is the main concern around the superclásico and Spanish authorities today provided new details about a party that you will have an unprecedented security operation. There will be some 4,000 personnel, including 2,000 national police officers and private security guards 1,700, who will try to keep the situation under control in a match described as «high risk». The police will be especially attentive fans violent on both teams, estimated at about 600, said today the Government delegate in the Spanish capital, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes.Las authorities, however, insist that the device of Security will be similar to the of other sporting events of high risk in Madrid.» Madrid has faced much risk matches. It is true that what changes a little things is the history of Argentina and the haste of the Organization, but we must be calm,»said Rodríguez Uribes in a press conference with great assistance from journalists. The Paseo de la Castellana, one of the main streets of the Spanish capital and where is located the stadium of Real Madrid, will be closed to traffic. There will also be three rings of security around the stadium, one of them linked to the anti-terrorist alert that there are in Spain and which is currently at level 4 (one less than the maximum). Among the party-goers will be the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, while it is also possible the arrival of Argentine President, Mauricio Macri, who was President of mouth before to jump into politics.RIVER to Sun and mouth, to COLONin case of winning the title, River Plate will celebrate its triumph in the plaza of the Puerta del Sol, kilometer zero of Spain, while Boca Juniors will do so in the plaza de Colón, also in the Centre of Madrid , today unveiled Rodriguez Uribes.Los media had reported initially that the points of celebration would be Plaza de Cibeles to River (where celebrates his victories Real Madrid) and the fountain of Neptune for mouth (icon for Atlético de Madrid). Hobbies will have also «fan zones» separate close to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, where the duel will take place. The police will be especially attentive to the most violent and radical followers. The match will be played at the end of a weekend with large influx of tourists in Madrid because of the holidays from 6 to 8 December by the Constitution Day and la Inmaculada Concepción.BARROS SCHELOTTO, between the shame and the mysterywhile the Spanish authorities continue with the preparations, Boca and River continued today with your workouts in Madrid. Mouth made it into the city of the soccer of Las Rozas, the usual site of the Spanish team in the outskirts of Madrid, and River in his bunker in Valdebebas, the ciudad deportiva of the Real Madrid.Barros Schelotto, the coach of Boca, arose early in the media and He said today that the definition of the Libertadores has had to move to Madrid.» As a backdrop, the Real Madrid stadium seems excellent, encourages to give everyone the best. Decide to draw the end of South America hurts me as an Argentine, but I understand by what happened 15 days ago, it was something that we cannot accept», said coach’s mouth.» Unfortunately we do not learn, it seems that we always make the same mistakes», he said. «Today we should be talking about that Boca and River put Argentine football in most high disputing a Libertadores final for the first time, but we are talking about violence. Unfortunately returned to lose». The decision was taken by the Conmebol (South American football Confederation) after the serious incidents on 24 November the Monumental de River, where the bus carrying the players of mouth was attacked in its entry into the stadium. The duel of ida among the Argentine archrivals, played two weeks earlier at the Bombonera, finished 2-2. as the team that the coach’s mouth will present on Sunday, did not want to give clues and left open the possibility of playing with Darío Benedetto and Ramón «Wanchope» Abila, his two «tanks», as companions of attack. «I’m going to define before the match,» said the trainer «xeneize».

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