translated from Spanish: The emerging tourist destinations in Chile

T RAS two months of popular vote and more than 50 thousand votes, the emerging destinations of Chile’s approach magazine contest is coming to its final stage, choosing 15 places of the national territory as finalists.
The rise of tourists that Chile has had in the last 20 years has left marks not just economic, but it also environmental. The year 2017 the number of tourists reached the record of 5 million and means of tourists who went into any corner of the country.
The organizing group of this competition, search “visibility, support and implement value Chile places that they have the potential to become world class destinations and promote their internationalization”, all in a sustainable and conscious way with the environment.
In the first instance, the Organizing Committee of the contest selected 50 destinations scattered in 16 regions of the country, but after the votes, fifteen of them were selected and they will elapse at the end of the contest.
The 15 selected destinations: North:
1. Elqui Valley
2. English Bay
3. Putre – Parinacota
4. Taltal
5. Monte Patria and the route of the valleys hidden Center and Utta:
1. PN Radal Siete cups
2. Robinson Crusoe Island
3. Cordillera de Nahuelbuta
4. Valle Las Trancas – Nevados de Chillán
5. Santa Cruz southernmost:
1. General Carrera Lake
2. Chiloé
3. Valdivia
4. Navarino island and Cape Horn
5. Budi Lake

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