translated from Spanish: By respecting human dignity, pronounce Fermín Bernabé Bahena

Morelia; Michoacán-remains a priority of the State Congress that all instances of Government guarantee to the Michoacan respecting human dignity, Deputy Fermín Bernabé Bahena, represented the legislative power in the culmination of workshops of specialized training in criminal and family matters concluded by the Executive branch.
In a statement, reported that in this sense, recognized the importance of instances as the State public defender, be trained and professionalized in the work so important that they play, since he has been a citizen demand better care public officials, especially in areas as sensitive as this.
To the above and within the framework of the international human rights day, Bernabé Bahena considered inescapable that the State Congress, work closely with governmental institutions, since being also one of its terms of reference the audit the exercise of public resources, is appropriate to meet the investment of time and money that have been made to improve and provide a more humanized care to the population, especially the most vulnerable.
Why did votes so the trainings continue providing and not only in some agencies, but in all public offices and particularly in the field of human rights, since it is a constant claim by poor care and treatment that many officials have committed in tort of citizenship.
In conclusion, the Deputy Fermín Bernabé Bahena, ruled to make a common front society and Government that seek common welfare and the absolute defense to fundamental guarantees, since that real progress will be achieved only with these actions and for all.

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