translated from Spanish: Juan Soler shows how much stranger to daughters mine and blue

the actor Juan Soler left view on social networks how much stranger to his daughters mine and blue, as a result of her marriage with the also actress Maki. As many will recall, both actors are separated by which father and daughters are not every day as before.
Despite their separation, Juan Soler and Maki have shown great maturity as well, that they will spend the Christmas holidays with their daughters; the actor counts the days to see, so did know on Instagram.
MIA, who is 14 years of age, shared a photo that was made in downtown Miami: “I got lost and found a gallery,” wrote the daughter of Juan Soler and Maki. Before the image, his father wrote “Love u my love, how I miss you.” The belly and heart hurts”. The girl loved the message of his daddy Juan Soler: “I also, pa.” See you soon”.

On the other hand, in an interview for the program releases the soup, the actress Maki announced the reasons for the separation. “It is something temporary and we are trying to say that it is a divorce, but we don’t like to lie to our people, to our audience.”
Maki referred to Juan Soler as the best man in the world: “I love him with all your heart, love him, and we are doing everything possible so that things are resolved”.
During many years one as you are dragging things and then those things that are hurting you heart, soul. Then, you sometimes need time and distance to rethink things.

The actress Maki unveiled in this interview that the separation of Juan Soler took place for some time, situation of daughters have knowledge. “This is not right now, the girls already knew it and this has more time.”



Bye NY…
A shared publication of Juan Soler (@juansolervalls) on Jul 3, 2018 at 2:09 PDT Maki confessed that he has cried a lot after their separation, but hopes that you things between the actor and she will improve soon. “I hope the end is positive; “I love him, give life by John, really is a hombrezotote, excellent father, all excellent”.

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