translated from Spanish: Macron announced a series of measures to counter the Yellow Jackets

after his visit to Argentina, praise from Argentine citizens when he broke the Protocol to stroll around Santa Fe Avenue and the good music with Mauricio Macri, Emman uel Macron met with a huge crisis in their own country. The mass marches of yellow jackets, that without a definite identification and a mixture between nationalists and revolutionaries, put in check to his Government, the French President should activate contingency measures to relieve the State of rebellion of the citizens.
The measures announced by Macron are several: as Macri, ask French businessmen to pay a bonus to workers; 100 euros will increase the minimum wage and reduce taxes. The tax reductions will be in the payment of hours extras, which will not be covered by charges, something that was planned for September 2019, but that will come as a result of the crisis. French retirees, meanwhile, will receive the exemption from tax of the generalized social contribution.

To toutes les forces de l ‘ordre mobilisees aujourd’ hui, merci pour le courage et l’exceptionnel sur dont vous avez fait preuve. – Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) December 8, 2018 «want a France where we can live in dignity tr down», said Macron in the Conference that gave European tonight. Also, French President understood to those who demonstrated with «legitimate claims», but criticized the acts of violence that took place in recent weeks. 

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