translated from Spanish: Roger, the brawny Kangaroo of Australia

Roger, more muscular Kangaroo of Australia died, died yesterday product from natural causes. Chris Barns delivered the news by social networks, where hundreds of users followed the animal. “We have lost our beautiful child (…)” Lived a good and long life, and it was loved by millions around the world,”wrote Barns, who rescued him when he was a baby of about five months of age and his mother was dead. In the post, he added that Roger died under his favorite tree in the sanctuary of Alece Springs, where he was also buried. The Kangaroo weighed 89 pounds and measuring 1,82 centimetres. He became famous in 2015 when an image of crushing a metal bucket viralizó on social networks. When he was about two years Barns said he became more aggressive, something characteristic of the species at that age. “I used to practice kickboxing with me (…) It malinterpretaba my position and thought that it was challenging him to fight.” Already in his last days the Kangaroo was much more manageable product of his old age, so his rescuer again approach him: “It became a beautiful and loving Kangaroo”, said. In addition, his sight was failing and was receiving treatment for arthritis. Ceasing to be the alpha male, Monty, the son of Roger, assumed the position.

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