translated from Spanish: Setting remuneration, without violating rights: CNDH

the holder of the National Commission on human rights, Raúl González Pérez, said Monday the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, it is convenient to adjust remuneration of public officials, but «according to international standards, objectives and parameters based on the Constitution, which does not violate rights, precaricen and weaken the public service».
In the middle of the controversy with the judiciary, by the Federal law on remuneration and the salary of judges and magistrates, the ombudsman mentioned that they share the premise that austerity permeate public life, but to do so it should be a review of the structures bureaucratic with a comprehensive, «informed and coherent» approach, which transcends the scope of the wage issues.
» In the CNDH rights we defend, we don’t defend privileges», Gonzalez Perez said.
«The service should not be stigmatised public, on the other hand, should be strengthened», added during the delivery of the national human rights award, to Dr. Héctor Fix Zamudio.

«We are convinced of the necessity and desirability of adjusting remuneration – both excessive, as the insufficient – but according to international standards, based on Constitution and objective parameters, which do not violate rights, precaricen and weaken the» public service».
-NHRC in Mexico (@CNDH) December 10, 2018 in previous days it was reported that the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation received an action of inconstucionalidad against the Federal law of compensation, part of the National Commission of human rights (CNDH).
The Commission argued that it is «necessary that the remuneration of public servants are regulated in accordance with the Mexican constitutional system in its entirety, and accordingly considered that the LFRSP did not develop, according to the text of the Constitution «, the parameters or rules necessary to make it effective, among other issues which, in the opinion of this protective institution of human rights, could mean its application».
President López Obrador has criticized the opposition of Ministers and judges to apply them the law of compensation, while the judiciary has defended its autonomy from the Executive and legislative branches.
During his speech, Lopez Obrador pledged that the Executive will not promote the violation of human rights, and will not protect those responsible for violating rights in the country.
«We will accept and will comply with all the recommendations of the NHRC, and we are going to respect the autonomy of the Commission,» he added.
Without directly mentioning the subject of the controversial remuneration Act, the President said that the rule of law implies respect for the autonomy of the powers.
Ends the old practice that the power of the powers was the Executive and the legislature and the judiciary were subordinates, he said.
«There are differences, there are disagreements, but we are going to guarantee the right to dissent,» the President said.

2018 human rights national award | #DíaDeLosDerechosHumanos reduce inequality and ensure the #DerechosHumanos are central themes of the #GobiernoDeMéxico: we are fighting impunity and will be accepted not a single violation of human rights. – Government of Mexico (@GobiernoMX) December 11, 2018

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