translated from Spanish: #Wan32: the luxurious feast that Wanda Nara celebrated his birthday

on December 10, Wanda Nara was 32 years old and not let pass unnoticed date: made a great themed party, wore an eye-catching dress and luxury gifts received. Of course, no company lacked: your spouse, Mauro Icardi, his Zaira Nara sister, their children and friends became a time to celebrate yet. Under the hashtag #Wan32, the sports panelist was sharing contents of his party: a big pink cake covered with flamingos betrayed the central event concept, while color retorted in hats, balloons, decoration and costumes.
Production A quinceanera, Wanda took a series of photos that anticipated the party and which already provided the main theme: pink.
Up the Party on the other hand, Icardi turned out to be “the entertainer”, whose function is seen in the videos shared by it.

Italy, pure Cumbia despite having carried out the celebration in Italy, did not miss the cumbia or the hit of Damas Gratis “Do not think so important”. In the video that portrays that moment, Wanda took the opportunity to thank “friends and friends who traveled from so far away”, your Italian friends and family, and Icardi again.
Look the flashy dress Wanda, shiny, with backless and some transparencies, captivated all present and definitely left to see who was the birthday girl.
Gifts in addition to flowers and jewelry, Wanda received a gift that stood out above the rest: a Bentley, one of the most luxurious vehicles. The most striking? That its patent reads “WANDA”.
Bonus track: Souvenir if there are no souvenir, there was no party, and judging by the memory that the guests were, it was a very prestigious. 

Manufactured by an Italian jewelry, the guests and guests took a key ring in which was recorded the face of Wanda. How is it going? In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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