translated from Spanish: Who is Gianfranco Macri, the brother with low profile

President Gianfranco Macri is the three years younger brother of the President of the nation, integrates the Board of Directors of SOCMA and participated in money laundering of more than 600 million pesos. It came close to the policy but for now it continues in the business field. Hardly known face the movements. He owns the Buenos Aires Golf Club in San Miguel, where to put silver to the territorial Assembly in 2015, dealing with the logistics of the prosecutors and in 2017, where dealt with bringing together the macristas and harangue them. 

It had turned out, in 2017 change there won with 47% of the vote, with the list headed by Pablo de la Torre, brother of Joaquin, Mayor of San Miguel but current Minister of Gobierno de María Eugenia Vidal. Gianfranco appeared in the center of the flashes when Horacio Verbitsky, published in the daily Pagina 12 that bleached 622 million pesos in the fiscal sinceramiento of 2016, thanks to a presidential decree which was not voted by the Congress and allowed family members of officers enter. «My brother has laundered money is a law that gives the law,» said Macri hours after winning the midterm election in 2017 and a few days since the news to emerge. 

In the filtration of Panama Papers, presidential brother appeared as President of eight offshore companies. Now returned to the scene main since he was summoned to questioning by judge Claudio Bonadio on a cause that emerges from the research by Oscar Centeno.Se notebooks investigates by the Declaration of Claudio Uberti, former director of the organ of Control of the Highway concession, which ensured that every month he received money from companies that should control, including Autopistas del Sol, of SOCMA. In this note:

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