translated from Spanish: FilminLatino will be cancelled, announces the Imcine holder

the Director of the Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (Imcine), María Novaro, announced the cancellation of the FilminLatino platform, although it gave no details of the reasons for the decision.
Through Twitter, actor José María Yázpik asked Novaro about the alleged cancellation of the platform, to which the holder of the Imcine responded that the decision of “reasoned and manner necessary to promote Mexican cinema in one more broad, inclusive and more effective”.
He also indicated that the details of the decision would be explained in detail later.

There are compelling reasons, wanted to @jmyazpiik and tomorrow I explain them in detail and with strong figures. It is a decision based and needed to be able to promote Mexican cinema in a broader way, inclusive and far more effective, which is my main task. Best regards!
-Maria Novaro (@maria_novaro) December 11, 2018 Furthermore, Mexican filmmaker Guillermo de el Toro offered its support to the Institute, and said Director his invitation to dialogue before defining the cancellation of FilminLatino, which was considered a “window to the” cinema”for those people who do not have access to libraries.

@maria_novaro I would like to offer help and support, if you can still change this decision. Many people without access to libraries etc find therein a window onto the film. Can we talk? – Guillermo de el Toro (@RealGDT) December 11, 2018 what is FilminLatino and ask why it is not cancelled?
According to the Statistical Yearbook of Cine Mexicano 2017, FilminLatino is one of public digital platforms through which the Institute promotes the presence of Mexican and Latin American films.
The same year, FilminLatino offered more than 600 titles, with more than 63 thousand registered users and around a million and a half visitors.
FilminLatino was one of the 16 digital platforms that operated in 2017 in Mexico; of them, Netflix concentrated 64% of subscribers, followed by clear Video (25%) and Blim (7%).
These platforms, FilminLatino concentrated most of national content (42%), followed by Blim (28%), and clear Video (23%).
In contrast, the report points out, Netflix only included 2% of national content in its programming.
In addition, the platform has a special selection called GratisMx, which provides free access to more than 200 films, 139 short and 63 feature films including fiction and documentaries covering all the periods of the history of Mexican cinema and some Foreign titles.
The Statistical Yearbook, Imcine points out that FilminLatino, as well as digital CINEMA MEXICO “remain as priority projects”.
The Statistical Yearbook of Cine Mexicano 2017 see full on the website of the Imcine.

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