translated from Spanish: Incidents, stones and bullfights in the trade Trade Union

incidents, stoned and bullfights were recorded this morning at the headquarters of the Union of trade, when opposition leaders sought to enter the building and reported that they were repelled by people who are not inside the Trade Union headquarters.
the sector led by the opponent Ramón Muerza aimed against the Secretary-General of the Guild, Armando Cavalieri by the incidents.
they threw stones and fences, there were bullfights and the city police threw gas to disperse the protest.
As they told relatives Muerza, when leaders sought to enter the headquarters of the Guild, in Moreno to 600, from a building adjoining threw them “gas pepper and stones”.
to the 10: 25, the building remained closed and guarded by a strong police security operation. The leading sector Muerza was preparing to attend the Secretary of labor to denounce “mandates are vanquished” and is preventing them from joining the Guild.

@C5N Union of employees of trade, cavalieri committed fraud in the elections to investigate, killed in the lists, and the upcn tucked to give you a little help in the ballot box, today remains leaderless sec.— (@vanifabregat) December 10, 2018 Muerza argues that it was imposed in the internal elections of the Guild, but those elections were not endorsed by the Ministry of Trabajo.Hoy the management of Cavalieri, expires qui in has been 32 years at the head of the Trade Union.

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