translated from Spanish: The payment so far is speech, says CNTE

Morelia, Michoacan.-While we do not have the check in hand, teachers continue in demonstration, said the leader of the eighteenth section of the CNTE, Victor Manuel Zavala Hurtado before the announcement of the Governor Silvano Aureoles that December payments are insured.


In an interview pointed out that it is only a speech and that is required to have the certainty that all the debits, is also paid as exemplified by that there are 4 thousand teachers are owed them his salary since September, in addition to bonds.


He recalled that you it’s more than 800 million pesos that are required to pay off the debt of the entire educational sector, by what you said for that in addition to the gear that you have referred on Monday, more protests are expected.

“Today we are constituted as a front of workers in Michoacan in defense of the salary, why we participate in different protests since unemployment work until the closing of streets and taking of huts, but particularly at the next meeting I like” leader will propose the indefinite stoppage of work and not to return to classes after winter break but will pay us our salaries,”he said.
He reiterated that they are not against the federalization of payroll provided clarification of the process and be sure the seniority and job security, as well as the operation of civil service pensions in the State.

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