translated from Spanish: Cande Tinelli: «Let me clarify that I am with women»

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 will be one of the most remembered days. During the afternoon dozens of Argentinean actresses called for media to provide a clear announcement: women not be silent against abuses and violence against women.

Actresses Argentinas against gender-based violence | Photo: Instagram @actrices.argentinas Conference was to accompany the complaint for violation the actress Thelma Fardín made against Juan Darthés.

After the announcement over the broadcast of a video where the victim provided details of the fact, dozens of people and celebrities joined to give him their support through networks with the hashtag #MiraComoNosPonemos.La slogan is a response to the «watch how I put» , phrase Darthés told to Thelma, as occurs in other cases.

Cande Tinelli spoke against the sexist abuse | Photo: Instagram @candelariatinelli for its part, Cande Tinelli manifested itself in this regard. «Enough of these human crap», expressed through its official account of Instagram, in reference to macho men who rape, abuse and harass.» Although judge me without knowing, and create things for me that are not clarified I, Candelaria, am with women», said. In this note:

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