translated from Spanish: Meet you the teachers of Mexico: President AMLO

city of Mexico.-the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed during his Wednesday morning press conference the reform initiative of law that revokes the current reform E ducativa. Lopez Obrador said that by signing this document has met the teachers from Mexico have been affected “the misnamed educational reform”. This initiative will be sent this same Wednesday to the Chamber of deputies that thus continue its process of if will accept it or not.

Photo: Courtesy it is noteworthy that the majority that President López Obrador has in the legislature with the deputies morenistas could determine conclusively the direction of this initiative. By signing the document, the President of Mexico excused himself with this media to be absent from the Conference without answering any question. The President said that he would receive a major without specifying with whom call. During the signing was accompanied by Lopez Obrador the Secretary of Educación Esteban Moctezuma, who announced the new plan of action in the field of education and the legal adviser Julio Sheber.

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