translated from Spanish: SEGOB met the immigration crisis in Tijuana: Sanchez lamb

the Ministry of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, announced that the program will be created Christmas in your House, to facilitate that migrants who are in Mexico and wish to return to their countries of source do so and spend these holidays with their families.
In press conference, the federal official, said that with that plan is expected to accelerate proceedings so that migrants return to their homes as well as those who are required to apply for refuge in Mexico.
It concerned that morning visited the Iztapalapa immigration station to learn about the situation of people who are there and after seeing the conditions in that space decided to continue these visits elsewhere, “we are going to change the policy, we will have to the” migrant as full rights holder”.
He also asserted that in five days the unit in charge has resolved the “immigration crisis” that I lived in Tijuana, Baja California, every time that they have installed health centers, dining rooms, bedrooms and organized children’s activities.

“In 5 days we have resolved the crisis #migratoria which was in Tijuana, Baja California. We install health centers, dining rooms, bedrooms and children’s activities”: @M_OlgaSCordero, Ministry of the Interior.
? #EnVivo: – SEGOB Mexico (@SEGOB_mx) December 12, 2018 also added that “migrants are being recorded to ensure your first right, which is that of identity. Migrant caravans are protected and kept under good hygienic conditions”.
He will donate his salary to House home in the same Conference Sánchez Cordero unveiled that you made the decision to donate his salary as head of Segob, which is 107 thousand pesos a month, to a House Home of children with disabilities, located in Querétaro.
He explained that before this it will keep his pension as former Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation.
“I must clarify that I only get my pension. I have no bodyguards, no cell phones issued by the SCJN. I do not receive any other benefit. I pay my insurance for major medical expenses,”he said.
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