translated from Spanish: The chicken symbol of tragic evolution of birds

Paris.-According to a study found that the chicken is the symbol of the tragic of bird evolution, since the human being has completely modified the morphology of this spec IE farm in just a few decades by the food, something that manifests itself in huge bodies, deformed legs or weakened hearts. Royal Society Open Science magazine said that «modern farm chicken is unrecognizable as to their ancestors or wild fellow», explained to AFP Carys Bennett, of the University of Leicester, in England, co-author of the study which highlights «the skeleton oversized, a chemical composition of different bones and a genetic».  

Farm chicks show a tragic evolution today. | Pixabay a native of Southeast Asia, the chicken was domesticated about 8,000 years ago. However, they began to form a new morphological species, quickly, from the 1950’s, with the investigation of the very high growth rates, according to the study. 

They took a few decades to produce a new form of animal against what in general takes millions of years, accurate Jan Zalasiewicz, also of the University of Leicester and a co-author of the study.  

Prized for their meat and their eggs, chicken is the meat most consumed in the world today. Today, the world is home to 23,000 million of that animal. «The total mass of domestic chickens triples that of all species of wild birds gathered», underlines Carys Bennett.  Although they feed much of humanity, the farm chicks are also a good example of the way in which we modify living organisms that occur in the Earth and «a marker potential the Anthropocene’, the current period, marked by the influence man in land-based processes, the researchers say.  A ‘ tragic evolution if we consider the consequences for those birds «, accurate Carys Bennett.  

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