translated from Spanish: Who are the 4 characters of the year chosen by Time magazine?

Time magazine described as «The Guardians» (the guardian) to the selection of reporters chosen to be the cover of the characters of the year. These are four people and language that helped to expose «the manipulation and abuse of the truth» around the world in 2018. Jamal Khashoggi was a contributing columnist for the Washington Post who was killed at the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul in October. It is the first time the magazine selects a person who is not alive. According to the editor of Time, «his murder has caused a global reassessment of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and a very backward look at the devastating war in Yemen». The drafting of Capital Gazette The Capital Gazette newspaper The Capital Gazette employees were honored from the fact occurred in June of this year when five staff members were killed and two others wounded after of an armed man to Brio fire in its newsroom by way of revenge. Maria Ressa Maria Ressa Ressa is the editor of Rappler, a Philippine news web site that criticized the leadership of the country by exposing the thousands of extrajudicial killings that take place as part of the war on drugs of the President Rodrigo Duterte.Wa L one and Kyaw Soe Oo Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo both Reuters journalists had been jailed in Myanmar for almost a year. They covered the 10 Muslim rohingya mass murder last September, and the discovery of the complicity of the troops in the executions, part of a wave of killings, rapes and fires condemned internationally as ethnic cleansing of minorities Muslim.  

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