translated from Spanish: Who is the Argentine opened the Club World Cup with a goal?

with River in expectation of what happens in the first matches of the World Cup for clubs, Team Wellington and Al Ain (local) opened the day. However, Mario Alberto Barcia, a Santiago 29-year-old was all eyes. In the 11th minute of started the match, and the tournament world, the Argentine wheel unblocked the zero in the event with a terrible zapatazo, inatajble for Khalid Essa and put 1-0 for his team.
Who is Mario Alberto Barcia?
“A santiagueño lost in New Zealand”, itself was defined in an interview given in Press Reader from Wellington, where it counted as a player who made less in Newell’s and Independiente finished playing in a League where the rugby gets all the attention. 29 years old, and after more than three seasons with Team Wellington, Barcia became a reference point for the team, in a League that is in “full growth”, in which football “is very physical, not so technical and there is much”.

Mario Barcia, figure Team Wellington. Photo: Twitter @mariobarcia5 but before landing on the last champion of the OFC Champions League, the Santiago had a short process for Argentine football, where he made his debut in first. His first steps gave them in Central Cordoba Province and with little tour went to Sportivo Fernández, of the Federal.Con ambition to grow, decided to fly to Bolivia, for one season in Aurora, in 2011, and then it was contacted by the coach Argentine Martín García Pereyra, who conquered him to travel to New Zealand, where he began wearing the colors of Island Bay United, then move to Hawke completo Bay United prior to become a giant in the oceanic country.

Mario Barcia became reference of your equipment. Photo: Twitter @TeamWelly together with another Argentine, Leonardo Villa, is out on referents of a Team Wellington which is planted firmly on a continent where football is not the main sport, but which gives them the possibility to play the Club world, and fulfill the dream of many players.

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