translated from Spanish: Woman said he saw more than one hundred of images of supposed orgeys of the Temucano

a woman who was identified as “Isabel” told the morning the morning of Chilevisión, that he could see more than 100 photographs of the alleged org IAS that were organized by the sect of the folklorist “Tito Fernández”, “El Temucano”. Elizabeth said that she worked at a mini-market and their chiefs, belonging to the group that was led by singer/songwriter. According to Glamorama, the woman began his story pointing out that “a day to him (his boss) was you a Holster in the mini-market, and I was looking for a cd to listen to music.” It had a computer where you could register all what was selling, and I start to put the cd. They were programs Word, Excel, and suddenly I find one (folder) that said ‘photos’ “.” I never thought that I would leave that kind of pictures on that cd. I put the cd and was super strong and surprising what I saw. There were many photos, many, videos between, and was shocking for me, working with them and shared my life with them. “It was shocking seeing that kind of pictures” said. The woman interviewed by the morning of Chilevisión argued that the images were “photographs where he (Tito Fernández) was having sex with different women and among those women, who then was my boss… As in two or three was with her naked body, but it was always with something white up”. “Some came with many people. Always had more women than man. If you ask me, they were orgias, actually. “” It was shocking to see the photos, I have seen more than 100 photos “, he added.” When I saw the photos, was more impressed when I saw don Tito Fernández with my patron directly. And it caught my attention because there were many people in the photograph. And they were explicit, they were explicit pictures of the sexual act”, he added. Isabel also said that the images featured other two folklorists, whose names said no recall, and said that having seen the photos brought a series of problems at work and personal level. “All three, four days later, my boss arrives and scolds me directly. It tells me that the computer I had occupied and that there was a record which had seen the photos and that would bring consequences”said the woman, who also said that”I received harassment by the two. It was not a workplace harassment. It was sexual harassment. To stand there and have more than one meter to pass behind me, he went and I was. Comments not coming to the event, as with what underwear walked, he and she. She was who was more the subject, because he explained to me what it meant to my sign. She handled more theme”. The woman who gave their testimony also said that on one occasion she was invited to one of the meetings and that even their bosses bought him a certain clothing and paid someone to take care of their children. “Paid you a friend of mine so stay with the kids, and I left, I left as they asked me as I had to leave, with the clothing that they asked me.” They bought it to me… And I went out. I remember that I’m coming to the business. I remember that he was busy. I look inward and gave me with terror. I went to the House. “I went to look for my children and I went to my mom”, he added.

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