translated from Spanish: Immigration Pact: disappears official twit who celebrated the agreement

Yesterday was viralizó on Twitter a twit disappeared, once on the account of the Permanent Mission of Chile to the United Nations, but that was erased.
In particular, it’s a message dated July 13 this year, which reads like, favorably, the delegation of Chile “welcomes the world to a safe, orderly and Regular migration Pact and share national experience of immigration reform submitted by the @GobiernodeChile, in line with the objectives set out in the Covenant”; statement similar to the Sebastián Piñera to the General Assembly last September, luggage cooperative.
By other paryr, the tweet is accompanied by a photograph of lawyer Mikhail Bonito, “Cuban birth and Chilean by choice” (nationalized), metropolitan regional President of Evopoli and officer of the Ministry of the Interior, representing the national mission.
The consequences of the rendered Tweet have been, among others, generating speculation and criticism among unknown tweeters and public actors, regarding a possible intention of the Government to hide the traces of their sudden change of opinion about the desirability of the Pact.

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