translated from Spanish: The Association of actors suspended Juan Darthés

the affiliation of Juan Darthés to the Argentina Association of actors was suspended by decision of that entity, following the complaint by violation made by the actress Thlema Fardín. It is a sanction provided for in the Social status of that entity for cases of «evident misconduct of a member». The entity did know also that he knew a long denunciation of Fardin: «three months ago we have received in the Trade Union the companion to containment, legal advice and putting at their disposal for what she needed;» taking due care within the framework of the confidentiality required by the fact». The Argentina Association of actors committed to «continue supporting the companion Thelma Fardín and all the who report these heinous acts that these situations are not repeated never more and you punish those responsible». The organization that represents actors also recalled that during the filming of ugly duckling, it had denounced the production company Ideas del Sur S.A. and Canal 13 for their breaches of labour and care of minors who were acting in that production.
«These allegations have been made, prior telegraphic reminders before the Ministry of labour and the National Committee on child labour, leaving sitting our position on compliance with the ILO conventions and local regulations laying down requirements essential to allow the artistic work of children and adolescents», remarked the entity. You can also sing in the RIOJALa suspension of Darthés affiliation to the Argentina Association of actors joins loss of support to the actor by colleagues who had supported him despite previous reports of abuse of other actresses.
Also excluded Darthés of the festival de tango «Caminito», which will be held on 20 December in La Rioja. The Organization of that event communicated its decision, from Dela complaint for violation of Fardin.en this note:

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