translated from Spanish: Woman gives birth outside of a hospital because they not attended it in Chiapas

Chiapas-after several hours without being attended a woman gave birth outside of a hospital in Chiapas. On Wednesday morning began circulating a video on social networks in which a man denounced the conditions in which their spouse was giving birth outside of the hospital before the indifference of physicians and patients not admitted her to the hospital. 
The incident occurred today around 4 in the morning outside of the Hospital basic community Doctor Rafael Alfaro Gonzalez, in the city of Pijijiapan. The spouse began to record while another lady helps to your spouse, that already pushed your baby foot and with her legs open. 
Watch the video here shortly once the baby cries nurses leave with a wheelchair, while the spouse begins to claim them: “I’m going to report Mrs. I have while outside there waiting as pendejo”. 
On the floor is the blood coming from the mother. Also observed nerve nurses before the recording, and they call a guard. Meanwhile, the spouse says is worried about the baby to choke. 
“I told them that it was their labor,” said someone else. 
The nurses involved and hold the baby. Ask for gloves. 
“We warned them, but they ignored us,” said another person. 
Following the broadcast of the video, the Secretary of health of the Government of Chiapas, José Manuel Cruz Castellanos, announced the opening of an investigation and the immediate dismissal of the director of the hospital, Enrique Solís Coutiño “by the mistake that somehow has had in that place”.
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