translated from Spanish: Female public servants, workers of third category

Director Mr: waited several weeks to write, not because he did not know what to say, but because in December just past remained an official public, and as such, must meet schedules and maintain irreproachable conduct, question that this year we made it clear in various opportunities and where, of course, the freedom of opinion or expression did not exist.
Some expressing sentiments in an opinion column is gimmicky, but this time it is necessary. Repeated lies, workplace harassment and ill-treatment, cause frustration, labour detachment, sadness, anger, anxiety, inevitable feelings to see that facts not accordance with daily speech, thus the confusion and uncertainty grows. This year we hear repeatedly of part of our authorities and headquarters phrases such as: «the officials without fear of being removed, our Government knows the value of the work they do», «no one is going to take their jobs of» work», all this coupled with the slogan»Chile do it all»caused us at times some security.
History unfortunately had an outcome quite different to the discourse of the Government and the feelings that I previously appointed, are just some of the effects caused by the fact of losing a job to which you have dedicated commitment and effort, for which you are qualified / or, in which have been recognised / or, but that unfortunately a Government that devalues public workers as a fundamental component to the growth of his country, discarded for political reasons violating basic rights in the process.
Public officials who have been de-linked this year (Bachelor), whereas all contractual modalities of public administration, more than 60% of the total number of laid-off according to statistics of the ANEF, number that may increase already that even this institution does not handle all the data at the national level. This is a painful truth since speech is crushed to the reality, words only make sense to the extent that support them, in so far as the facts give them realistically, break them. In my country today does not, speeches of the current Administration do not build reality, are only misleading advertising, slogan to win a political contest and submit the maximum power.
In this particular case, the facts do not lie, the rights of officials and civil servants are violated to the extreme of not allowed to denounce the violation of rights and thus not to sue justice, institutions are aligned and give back to the people who build the State, many of them carrying 20 years or more of service, professional people with postgraduate degrees, prepared people who worked and strengthened the State.
Within this bleak Outlook, female civil servants are workers of third category because we have first been subjected to multiple discrimination, as women, second to be officials, and third is, supposedly, a current of thought Unlike the current administration politician who makes us unreliable people. All this finally triggered the expulsion, the disengagement or non-renewal of the contract of employment with the most ridiculous justifications that can wield. Not sufficing with this TC (Constitutional Court) declares unconstitutional the labor supervision, that leaves us in a situation of legal abandonment with cases of harassment or illtreatment.
I wonder why they have come to accept the unacceptable?, many of us remain confident that the institutions will be managed on the basis of respect for human rights, we are confident that the agreements and treaties signed by the State and the laws of the This country will be respected, but sadly the facts show that it is not as well and not only in this case, in many others that ought to prevail these above the interests of a particular group, social class or political, as for example in the theme Alliance migrants. While these bad practices that reveal a kind of revenge or political revenge have been more or less in one or other side of the sidewalk, this year has been particularly violent in terms of violations of human rights.
So far the warm speech rather linked to the political Center had served you right to gain the confidence of a percentage of the population which led them to win the last presidential election with a participation of citizens very below the expected, question that has been analyzed and concern as it is a reflection of the crisis more worrisome still, of a weakened democracy, which can be seen in low citizen participation in instances of political involvement and institutional that we live social, especially in governance. All this has led to the weakening of representative democracy. That reign the apathy and disenchantment is not free, they are the product of social frustration that causes inequality, the concentration of power, the speech that fails to become or a warm reality.
Pending that will resolve the problem between the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court we were adrift, and remain we, professionals we provide continuity and quality to work in the State the most vulnerable. Finally with this not only it hurts more than 3000 workers and their families, to the administration of the State, but that unfortunately, it hurts to Chile.
Daniela sweeping Segovia

Original source in Spanish

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