translated from Spanish: At least 9 dead and 34 missing in landslide in Indonesia

The spokesman of the national agency of management of disasters (BNPB), Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, explained this Tuesday (1.01.2019) on his Twitter account that rescue work continues in the area of the avalanche, which occurred last night in the city of S ukabumi.
Four neighbors were injured, while another 60 had to be evicted before the danger of more avalanches.
«The emergency teams have been hampered the task by the amount of people who came to see the disaster. The roads are narrow, which has resulted in that the work of the teams and ambulances has slowed down», said Sutopo.

In the middle of the rain and the mud, emergency teams worked to find survivors in the hillside buried by the detachment, according to a video uploaded to the social network by Sutopo.
So far year, the BNPB has been in Indonesia more 430 landslides of land which resulted in 138 dead and missing, 119 wounded, 37.933 displaced persons and damage to 1.948 structures.
Floods and landslides every year affect Indonesia during the rainy season, whose climax takes place between December and February.
Natural disasters are common in Indonesia, which this year has suffered from severe earthquakes and tsunamis, the most serious in the islands of Lombok, Sulawesi and in the Strait of probe, with more than 3,200 dead.

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