translated from Spanish: EZLN warns opposition to projects of AMLO

-the Zapatista Army of national liberation (EZLN), which 25 years ago took up arms in Chiapas, he warned from this January 1 will it oppose the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as the train projects Maya and the National Guard.
The zapatista leadership was gathered in the last days of 2018 with sympathizers and related social organizations to commemorate the 25 years of its creation and the actions to take against the Government’s programme of Lopez Obrador, who assumed the Presidency 1 of December.
“We are going to fight. We are going to face, we are not going to allow that (Lopez Obrador) here pass their destruction projects. We are not afraid to its national guard, which changed its name, not to say army”, exposed the subcomandante Moses read the final communiqué of the meeting.
The new Government seeks a constitutional amendment to create a guard that meets public safety work with tens of thousands of soldiers.
This proposal has been harshly criticized by human rights defenders because they consider that it continues and even military strategy reinforces drug launched in 2006 and that for years criticized the same Lopez Obrador, who promised in campaign than military they would return to their barracks.
“We tell him that we don’t believe you,” added Moses to tick the Chairman of “cheat” and “crafty” for wanting to pretend that it is with the indigenous peoples of Mexico when in fact, he said, it seeks to “destroy them”.
The zapatistas also criticized other projects, such as the massive planting of trees in several States, including Chiapas, where it has based the EZLN and the way in which the new Government seeks to promote construction of the Maya railway, to connect to the five State of the Southeast.
At risk, half of the national population of Jaguars if train Maya does not meet environmental law on indigenous ritual in Palenque, Chiapas, with which the Government had commenced the construction of the railway, the subcomandante Moses said that they do not believe him. “Just because mother earth does not speak, but say ‘chinga tu madre, vete a la chingada'”, said the zapatista Member, according to a report by the newspaper Reforma.
The zapatistas have always had sharp differences with Lopez Obrador and in 2006, the first time that it was candidate for the Presidency, subcomandante Marcos, for years the EZLN spokesman, openly called to not vote for him.
The EZLN rose in arms on January 1, 1994, the same day that entered into force Mexico’s free trade treaty with the United States and Canada (TLC).
The fighting lasted 12 days and left dozens of dead, most zapatistas. After a cease fire a process of dialogue was opened, although both parties signed in 1996 San Andrés agreements, the zapatistas broke off dialogue the not approved a constitutional amendment that would guarantee their autonomy.
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