translated from Spanish: Jair Bolsonaro, will take over as the new President in Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro will become the new President of Brazil on January 1, in the middle of a huge international expectation for the true course to be adopted by their Government, after is of an election campaign dominated by politically incorrect that has earned him the nickname of the «tropical Trump».
Bolsonaro has reached the Palace of the Panalto on a meteoric rise that neither himself imagined. He first knocked at the door of the armed forces and was captain of the army until a public criticism of the low salaries of the troop and an alleged plan to destroy his military Academy bath finished his military career in 1987.
After their expulsion from the armed institution it made the leap to the policy. He spent up to seven games to find their place in the Social Liberal (PSL). Their habitat over the last 27 years has been the federal, but with poor results Congress because only managed to pass two bills of the hundreds that drove.
In the general elections of 2014 was the most voted politician of Rio de Janeiro, which placed him in a privileged position to jump into the presidential struggle on behalf of the PSL four years later. Polls on voting intention drew him initially as a marginal candidate, but it was gradually gaining space to cause an upset.
Paradoxically, the boost in the polls he gave a disturbed mind that on 6 September, during an electoral event in Minas Gerais, it dealt a stab wound in the abdomen. Therefore Bolsonaro jumped to the front pages of the national and international press getting many Brazilians to put you face.
On 7 October, in the first round, it swept away by adding 46 percent of the vote. The second most voted, the leftist Fernando Haddad, won 29 percent. Bolsonaro repeated victory in the October 28 ballot, with 55 percent against 44 percent obtained by the ‘PT’ candidate.
Political analysts based electoral Bolsonaro feat in a populist speech that has capitalized on the growing social discontent by the economic crisis and widespread corruption in the traditional parties, which has even led to the former prison President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.
Add to this a communication strategy that has focused on social networks, which has millions of followers, rejecting the usual channels – press, radio and television – and has challenged the classic format of the electoral contest, absenting are of the debates with other candidates.
Shamelessly Bolsonaro has emerged in recent months as an irreverent politician who has not hesitated to address each and every one of the thorny issues that have arisen, contributing some of his own crop, and feed the controversy to become protagonist undisputed election campaign.
The far-right leader was already known for its militarism. In 2016, he confessed that he was nostalgic of the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil from 1964 to 1985. «The mistake was to torture and kill no more», said in an interview with a local radio station.
It was not a secret his aversion towards women. In 2003 he told a member of the PT that «does not deserve to be raped because it is ugly» and ratified eleven years later. Misogyny, also reached his family background: «I had four children and, in a moment of weakness, I had a daughter».
In addition, it boasts its homophobia. He has stated that he prefers to watch die a son in a traffic accident earlier that «with a mustached», if a child «begins to be ‘gay'» should give «a good thrashing» to correct it, and that «90 percent of the children adopted by (couples) will be pressured «s and go into prostitution».
Bolsonaro Bolsonaro Government has already prepared a cabinet which will feature 22 ministries, seven less than the Government’s projection of Michel fear, including two ‘super Ministers’ that give an idea of what will be your priorities starting this Tuesday.
Sergio Moro, the judge who put behind bars to Lula, will become Minister of Justice and security. His intention, as he has explained, is moving into the political arena the judicial battle against corruption that has led through the macro cause ‘Lava Jato’.
The second leg of his Ministry will force him to implement Bolsonaro security agenda. It proposes a policy of «weapons for all» that facilitates your purchase and use by private individuals and empowers security forces to shoot to kill criminals, in a country that in 2017 broke record for homicides, with an average of seven per hour.
Paulo Guedes will become ‘super Minister’ charge of materializing the «liberal with a strong State economy» which touts Bolsonaro. As he advanced, will result in a wave of privatizations which will exclude the «national champions» Petrobras and Eletrobras and structural reforms to increase revenues and reduce costs.
Complete the governmental picture several military personnel, among them the Vice President elected Hamilton Mourão and astronaut Marcos Pontes, a group of technocrats from the PSL and the Democrats (DEM) and evangelical pastor Damares Alves.
The DEM and Alves is a clear nod to the Congress, more fragmented than usual – there are 30 parties-, with command of the large ‘Centre’, which are part of the Democrats, and an influence remarkable of the evangelical members. The PSL is the second force but only represents a ten percent, so Bolsonaro will need to negotiate to realize its ‘roadmap’.
The Tropical Trump «these appointments are setting up a liberal government in economic, conservative in social and religious principles and a supporter of the foreign policy of the United States of Donald Trump,» designated Anna Ayuso, senior researcher of the CIDOB, and Julimar da Silva Bichara, from the Autonomous University of Madrid, in a report by the think tank.
One of his first actions in foreign policy will be to move the Brazil Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as did Trump breaking the international consensus on the need that the status of the Holy City is decided in an eventual peace between dialogue and Israelis and Palestinians claiming it as capital.
On the regional stage, has promised to combat – only in the diplomatic arena – the Governments of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela and Miguel Diaz-Canel in Cuba, beginning to withdraw the invitation fearing Government extended them to attend inauguration, so it they will not be present.
He has also followed the steps of Trump on environment. Bolsonaro weighs withdraw to Brazil of the Paris agreement and the South American giant will not already host the the UN Summit on climate change in 2019 (COP25). Domestically, it has promised to neutralize to the movement without land (MST), which calls for a more equitable distribution of the field.
Bolsonaro also mimics the behavior of the New York Tycoon in foreign trade. Although Brazil ‘is already quite protectionist’, aim the CIDOB, new President disdains Mercosur and looks warily Chinese investment. Therefore, ‘China Daily’ came to define him in an editorial as «tropical Trump».

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