translated from Spanish: Director of the IMAJ boasts holiday with three months in office

Guadalajara, Mexico-Susana Priscila Álvarez Hernández was captured vacationing Tapalpa, Dallas and New York, since December 17. The Comptroller of Guadalajara, headed by Enrique Aldana López, already investigating the travel of the Director of the Municipal Institute of attention to youth (IMAJ), Susana Priscila Álvarez Hernández.Fue the day yesterday when the MURAL exhibited to the officer that perceived 16 pesos every two weeks. The municipal government said that policy-makers will be explored Susana Priscila vacation while the law for the servers public of the State of Jalisco and its municipalities in its article 40 prohibits officials to have breakfast with less than six months in office. It was on October 5 that Alvarez Hernandez took ownership of the IMAJ, as stated in the comprehensive record of delivery and reception on wall power, i.e., less than three months ago. “With regard to the case of the Director of the Municipal Institute of attention to the youth of Guadalajara, Priscila Álvarez, Guadalajara Government reports that they will be discounted him his salary corresponding to their absence days,” he wrote in a statement. “And the issue will be derived to the Comptroller citizen in order to determine whether there is any liability that warrants a penalty.” The Government of Guadalajara will be enforce at all times the laws and regulations governing their public servants”. Paragraph D of article 22 of the aforementioned law provides as a just cause for dismissal, Miss unjustifiably on four occasions to work in a period of 30 days. A few hours after issuing the statement, the municipality confirmed that the case had already been attracted by the City Comptroller. And although she requested interview for the procedure that will be followed, until 23:00 hours on Tuesday there was no response from the Director of Social communication. Aldana López was appointed by the Mayor Ismael de el Toro, after having the approval of the Committee of Social participation, System anti-corruption of the State.

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