translated from Spanish: In Zitacuaro motorcyclist and peatona are injured after road accident

Zitacuaro, Michoacán-accidentally rammed a motorcyclist to a peatona when moving about the Beltway Francisco J. Mugica, located in the city of Zitacuaro. Both persons were injured as a result of the aforementioned accident, rescue sources, they said.

The incident took place near 07:00 hours on Wednesday, at the height of the viewpoint of East Division, place attended by the elements of fire and Municipal Civil protection, who helped those affected.
According to police authorities, the injured passerby responds to the new name of Luciana, 67-year-old neighbor of the street Lake of Patzcuaro, belonging to the Cologne people.
While the driver of the motorcycle is Juan Manuel, 44 years of age, residing in the community of Nicolás Romero, he suffered several bruises, as his bike skidded after impact to the citizen.

It transpired that Juan moved in your vehicle and to pass to an automotive met with the woman who was trying to cross the road, then could not avoid it and the incident happened.
The patients were channeled to a hospital for their appropriate medical evaluation. Finally the transit police officers carried out the corresponding expertise for determining responsibility.

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