translated from Spanish: Sugarcane beat 12-1 orange: input by input

Hermosillo, Sonora-Naranjeros de Hermosillo receives Cañeros de Los Mochis in the first meeting of the Play Offs season 2018-2019.Entrada for entry Jonathan Jones is beaten by Jaime García . Isaac Rodríguez connects a grounder to third that Geiger controls. This step on the pad for the second out but fails to remove first the batter. Cañeros de los Mochis WINS 2-0. Josuan Hernández makes contact to the second, which cannot control Rolando Acosta, and enters the third of Caneros.naranjeros has made three mistakes in this post. Already heated Terance Marin in Orange bullpen. Diory Hernández is the third out with a fly to left. Garabez Rosa is the first out with high to the right; César Salazar is the second out with line at first; Dustin Geiger is the third out by way of shame.

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Diory Hernández begins the round with a hit left field; they deliver passport to Esteban Quiroz: there’s runners on second and first no outs. Leaves the Naranjeros Jaime Garcia opener and instead enter Raul Barron.saul Soto plays ball and is the first out; Rodolfo Amador beats a high Center that itches and brought the fourth of the Greens. While Arturo Rodríguez paste only a grounder to short stops, it enters the fifth race of Los Mochis. Jonathan Jones is digitizing. José Cardona is digitizing for the first out; Rolando Acosta also goes by way of the punch. With an unstoppable by the left, Jasson Atondo takes away the Quiala streak; However, Norberto Osuna is going by the route 33.Isaac Rodriguez begins the round with a unstoppable right garden. Josuan Hernández connects doublet sendo by central left meadow and produced the sixth race. Leandro Castro is hit: there are two runners on base, no outs. Diory Hernández embasa is due to an error of Acosta, so the Green mats are filled. Esteban Quiroz sticks a hit by the right pushing two more runs. Pole 8-0 Naranjeros.Sale Raúl Barrón and log in to relieve Terance Marin.Un hit to centerfield by Saúl Soto pushed the novena of the Mochis.Por his part, Rodolfo Amador punt for double play; Arturo Rodríguez trading passport, which Soto advances to second. A wild pitch leads to sugarcane record 10th race. Isaac Rodríguez elevates to the central for the third out.

Photo: The DEBATE.

Garabez Rosa scoring the first of Orange because the receiver loses the ball. Dustin Geiger is digitizing for the third out. Cane win 11-1 before Naranjeros.Josuan Hernandez gets base on balls. With a large trapped, Norberto obese gardener put out Leandro Castro. Diory Hernández punt for double play and falling top of the inning. José Cardona is the first out; Rolando Acosta will be the route 53; for his part, Jasson Atondo connects his unstoppable second game before Quiala. Norberto obese is the third out via 64.Esteban Quiroz is the first out after turning a fly for the second. Saúl Soto connects hit by the left, but they take out it on second after a grounder to short stop ramming Rodolfo Amador; This becomes the initial quiescent. Arturo Rodríguez is digitizing for the third out. Francisco Peguero is the prime out after a high central; Dominic Brown is the second out on route 31; Garabez Rosa is out after connecting a high to the right garden. Jonathan Jones receives Passport at the beginning of the entry; Isaac Rodríguez manages store due to error of Rolando Acosta. Josuan Hernández punt for double play; Leandro Castro is the third out. Sugarcane is winning over six innings 11-1., comes out of the meeting Yoanys Quiala and enter relay Juan Lopez.cesar Salazar receives base by coup; Dustin Geiger raises the short stops and is put out; José Cardona is the second out after a fly to third; Rolando Acosta is digitizing for the third out. Diory Hernández is going through the punch; Esteban Quiroz is also digitizing. Saúl Soto continues on: puts the ball behind the fence and put slate 12-1.Rodolfo Amador continues the celebration with a hit to the central; Arturo Rodríguez connects the third hit of the inning; However, with two runners on base, take out Jonathan Jones by the route 64.Jasson Atondo is the first out after a high to the right garden; Obese Norberto connect an high to the left and is put out. Francisco Peguero is the third out. Isaac Rodríguez elevates to the left and is the first out; Josuan Hernández is the second outside and they strike Leandro Castro.Domonic Brown is the out 25 for the Naranjeros. Garabez Rosa connects a hit to the right. Julian Leon is digitizing. Pole wins 12-1 the first game of the series. In this note:

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