translated from Spanish: Gloria Hutt, Minister that speak in the ruling party

Sebastián Piñera’s Government began this 2019 with a complex internal stage for many in his Cabinet, the spate of errors in its more hard core, splinters of the death of Camilo Catrillanca, police crisis and low citizen support or count are happening to the team of political Ministers of La Moneda as the sectoral ministers.
But there is a Minister who seems immune to conflicts of their peers in the Cabinet. Head of transport, Gloria Hutt, has been described as a “favorite” of the Presidency and in the nearly 10 months in office has managed to build a close relationship with Pinera, which has drawn attention in the ruling party.
In Chile we recognize Hutt intelligence to cope with the business world and be in senior positions. One of its strengths, he stressed a parliamentary right, is that “you know the power”.
But just as it is in the select group of Ministers that Piñera has well evaluated, that success would be getting hives in the ruling party. Not for nothing, these days they circulate in sectors of Government reviews criticizing it for its proximity with the so-called military family, that administrator from a center of CEMA Chile in the ‘ 90s and his spouse figure with a series of grants to prisoners of Punta Peuco e even that she, has the registry of a donation in money to finance a drug.
Others put the focus in other aspects, as their biggest weakness would be his little “political Doll”, something that was evident with management that had Hutt from the conflict with casual workers of the port of Valparaíso in the eyes of officialdom.
The Minister was in charge of relations with the Group Von Appen, but failed the company ceded to the unemployment of more than 30 days of workers and at the end, it was the Government which had to put hand to the Pocket to deliver a number of benefits that p ermitieron seal the deal to lower the mobilizations.

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