translated from Spanish: IMSS spent 1.5 million pesos in a pickup truck of luxury to its director

in 2018, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) spent 1 560 million pesos in the leasing of a truck all terrain 4 × 4, fully equipped, with capacity for 7 people and with a others one of highest shields on the market, which went for shipments of its then CEO, Tuffic Miguel Ortega, to work.
The cost was three times more that the same company that rented the truck, Casanova Vallejo SA de CV, offers on its website by an identical vehicle, but without the shielding concerned.
You can interest: IMSS fraud: the scheme of bribes by which a transnational of Orthopedics could operate in Mexico to get this vehicle the IMSS awarded a contract at the beginning of 2018 after a restricted company Casanova invitation process Vallejo SA de CV, the company that in recent years – and particularly the Presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto – has been the most favoured in terms of rent of vehicles for the Government.
According to Compranet, the company has won contracts with the Government more than 13 billion pesos. 75% of those resources was awarded directly, without a process of open tender or competition.
The truck that the director of the IMSS used in 2018 already was returned to Vallejo Casanova by the new Administration headed by Germán Martínez, after considering that could not be justified its expense or use within the Institute, and that there are other priorities for investment within the same IMSS.
Read: Although she had already been denounced, IMSS returned to give a contract to a company involved in a simulation network hereby sought through their social networks and their spokesman Tuffic Miguel Ortega in order to know its position on the income of this truck as (i) as the reason why it was necessary to shield it. Up to the date of publication of this note has not been received response, off-road blast… and express Valet Animal politician has a copy of the contract number S7M1091 on which the IMSS awarded Casanova Vallejo SA de CV the so called «integral service of» lease of road transport of armoured vehicle». They also had access to the same financial and technical annexes.
The contract is for an amount of 1 million 344 thousand 827 pesos, which add VAT amounts to 1 560 million pesos. The same period was from January 1 to December 31, 2018, with possibility of renewal for the next year.
In the technical annex of the contract is established that the vehicle required by the IMSS is a pickup type «SUV», as it is called to the sporty character and all-terrain utility vehicles accommodating up to 7 passengers, high power six-cylinder engine , and «V» level armor. Requested this truck out model 2016 onwards, and had one less than 25 thousand kilometers tour.
In accordance with that annex the purpose of this vehicle is «an instrument that allows to safeguard the life, integrity and security of the Director General of the IMSS for the performance of its functions».
The specialized website explains that an armor level «V» or 5 has been used successfully in places of high conflict such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Its resistance capacity is adequate to resist the weapons fire to considerable cone automatic assault rifles. Details used in Mexico to the risk of a coordinated attack by organized crime.
To meet the requirements of the IMSS Casanova Vallejo SA de CV, he proposed a pickup truck from Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ model traction 4 x 4 brand, which was accepted by the Institute.
In the contract is not established that the company should take charge of the six-cylinder vehicle fuel, so it is not included.
What Yes was established as part of the contract is the obligation of the company granting full operating and corrective maintenance to the vehicle, as well as review and change of tyres often be necessary. The Annex establishes that when the truck enters the workshop to change of tires or verification, the vehicle should be ready within a maximum of 8 hours.
Read: Two babies are blind by errors in diagnosis in the IMSS hospitals: CNDH issued recommendations is set as a condition that if the truck the same breakdown or failure on more than two occasions this should be replaced with a new one.
In addition to that and other coverage benefits, defined by a requirement that the company has a «call center» that operates nationwide 24 hours a day. In order to meet any request for service or road assistance which should be provided on the ground within a maximum of two hours after you request by telephone.
Cost overrun after shielding according to the website of the company Casanova Rent, owner of the vehicle, the current cost of rental of a van Tahoe is 36 thousand pesos a month which would be 432 pesos in total per year.
Qualtiy is hardly of the third part of what actually paid to the same company IMSS: 112 thousand 68 pesos per month, amounting to 1 million 344 thousand pesos per year (excl. VAT).
This higher cost can be obeyed, as shown in the documents that was accessed, to shield that also had to be fitted to the vehicle at the request of the IMSS and includes protections on whole body and key attachments as the fuel pump.
Experienced… and pampered government enterprise to which the IMSS leased the truck is Casanova Vallejo SA de CV, whose commercial name is «Casanova Rent», owned by the brothers Carlos and Joaquín Echenique Casanova. He is a company incorporated for over 25 years and which, according to its web site notes that he has six branches in the Valley of Mexico and coverage across the country.
The brothers Echenique Casanova enterprises have been widely favored with government contracts in recent years.
Compranet data – reviewed by Animal politician through the page Contratobook – shed that the Group owns companies Casanova Vallejo SA de CV, Casanova Rent Volks SA de CV, and Casanova Rent SA de CV that together have received 13 thousand 63 million pesos proveni bodies of government contracts that are paid with the public purse.
The most favored company is Casanova Vallejo SA de CV which 344 contracts have been awarded in the amount of 10 thousand 689 million pesos. 95% of this amount was awarded from 2013 onwards, i.e., during the Presidency of President Pena Nieto.
The data also show that only 2 thousand 373 million pesos earned by Casanova Vallejo through a public bidding process, is in competition with other companies. Instead it earned 8 thousand 30 million pesos – the 75.1% of the total–through direct awards from the federal Government.
This means that, on average, Casanova Vallejo has won 3 of every 4 pesos through contracts without competition.
There are 48 units, institutions and federal bodies that all of them have been granted contracts to Casanova Vallejo by incomes from vehicles for different purposes. Stands for the amounts the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) contracts by 3 thousand 627 million pesos; the ISSSTE with 1 thousand 165 billion pesos; the Secretariat of Social Development (Sedesol) with 1 thousand 71 billion pesos; the Secretariat of communications and transport with 561.9 million and the IMSS with 559. Million.
Among the long list of departments that have been engaged in the mentioned company also included the Presidency of the Republic; the SEDATU, Conagua, the now defunct CISEN, the National Institute of migration, roads and bridges federal, the coordination of the program THRIVES, among others.
At the time there were already signs and even complaints by these contracts.  In 2015 the National Action Party complained to the PGR that into the contract that the CFE was awarded to Casanova for more than 3 thousand 600 million had violated various provisions of the Act. A resolution on this inquiry is not known until today.
As for the other two companies of the group, Compranet information sheds that Casanova Rent Volks SA de CV has obtained 1 thousand 826 million AV product of 29 contracts with 8 federal agencies and a State Government, and Casanova Rent SA de CV gained 547 thousand lones product of 27 contracts with six federal agencies.
Martinez returns the truck a few days before the conclusion of the term of the lease the new Administration headed by Germán Martínez IMSS returned to Casanova Vallejo the truck. Political animal have a copy of the office’s receipt of the vehicle signed by the legal representative of the company and the representative of the IMSS dated on December 27.
According to the new administration of the IMSS, the reason why this truck is returned is because it was considered excessive and unnecessary cost that was paid to the Director in a vehicle with these characteristics, and the requirements of maintenance that entailed.
In addition came that resources are not erogaran to again lease armoured vehicles or similar characteristics.

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