translated from Spanish: Neighbors of Don Torcuato fulfilled the dream of a future quinceañera

since age 12 Oriana dreamed his party of 15. Every night, in every dream, she imagined wearing a princess dress. Vanessa Segovia, his mother, tried all these years to keep silver to invest it April 1, 2019, on his birthday. But the 2018 was a critical year for the family. Oriana has one baby sister with some health problems that last year required many stays and Vanessa, with a single entry in the House, had to cope with very high economic costs. Then by “downsizing”, he explained that he lost his job. She far from crumbling asked “how explain to a child that you do him a promise that you won’t get to meet her?”. And that was its engine. Vanessa lids for pancakes for sale via the Internet and many times he offered them in a Facebook group to its neighbors of Don Torcuato, swept “that she was born and where he grew up”. But the date was approaching and with that money just reached to cover the rent, it had remaining to save, so decided to ask for help there. “I wanted to know if someone would have to release or give things for a quinceañera. It is my daughter and we had not thought do much since our economy is quite tight. But if it had promised him that I would have her dress for photos and a simple meeting with its most intimate. Under the circumstances I had to go to you who maybe have something to pay us or donate. She fits 38 and is agitate M”, he wrote.

Vanessa Segovia wrote your inquiry in the “Don Torcuato City” Facebook group and responses were not long in coming. They were both residents of Don Torcuato who wanted to collaborate that Vanessa did not give enough to read and respond. “When I was jobless said is simple ‘I need that someone lend me a dress, a pair of shoes and a camera to capture the moment of her with her dress’.” I never thought what she was going to have a cake, makeup, a car to enter. Not expecting to be so”, explained in dialogue with TN MOM.

Responses to Vanessa that you celebrate the birthday of her daughter 15 responses to Vanessa that you celebrate the birthday of her daughter 15 responses to Vanessa that you celebrate the birthday of her daughter 15 responses to Vanessa that it celebrate the birthday eanos in 15 of his daughter now because the news spread “a Lady of Banfield was offered by a few souvenirs” and thus Oriana will have everything for your celebration of 15.

Original source in Spanish

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