translated from Spanish: Wages, land and diversity: the three first decisions of Bolsonaro

after swearing-in as President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro wasted no time and translated into concrete actions many of the points reinforced during their disc Berna assumption.” We have the great challenge of confronting the effects of the economic crisis, unemployment, of the ideologization of our children and the desvirtuamiento of human rights”held the previous President to refer to the population present in the city of Brasilia.En this sense, in addition to greet via social networks to colleagues from different parts of the world, Bolsonaro held its first official day meet three measures which in addition to its implications, sent a message to the entire society and the Brazilian body politic.

Reduction in the minimum wage in addition to the premiere of Paulo Guedes as “super-Minister”, Bolsonaro ordered the reduction of the minimum wage in the country. From January onwards, the same will be 998 Reals instead of the 1006 which had been established only some weeks ago in the budget for this 2019.

Paulo Guedes, Ministry of economy, finance, industry and planning the measure was well received by the market, where the San Paulo Stock Exchange closed with a rise of 3.5%. Land for some the second provision granted to the Ministry of agriculture the function identify, delimit and create new indigenous reserves. At the time, the task was in charge of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), entity responsible for indigenous policies. The resolution removes all attributions to Funai and moved decision-making power to own rural to be those who delimit the territories in question. Diversity in kick in the end, Ricardo Vélez Rodríguez, incoming Education Minister, confirmed that it will dismantle the Secretariat of continuing education, literacy, diversity and Inclusion (Secadi).

Damara Alves, Ministry of women, family and this human rights secretariat had been created during the Lula administration in order to fully incorporate the different social groups historically relegated by the education system. In this line, Damara Alves, pastor at the head of the Ministry of women, family and human rights, which said yesterday in the new Government “girl will be child, Prince and Princess”. He also said that his portfolio will seek to strengthen the life “from inception”. In this note:

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