translated from Spanish: What is the diabulimia and why it is considered so dangerous?

Becky RudkinDejó the dose of insulin that needed and put his life at risk.» I’m still alive and still keep my feet. They are two of the most important things for me considering the damage that could have been made to me in».
Becky Rudkin, one of the main characters says it’s «Diabulimia: the most dangerous eating disorder of the world», a Newsbeat and BBC Three documentary broadcast in 2017.
The term, a combination of diabetes and bulimia, is used to describe people with type 1 diabetes deliberately taking too little insulin to try to control their weight.
It is not a medically recognized condition, but just approve a funding of more than $1.5 million with the hope that scientists can develop a plan for effective treatment for people with this eating disorder in the United Kingdom.
In the case of Becky, 30 years, suppression of insulin caused your foot bones disintegrate.
«The surgeon told me that they were made porridge,» he says.
But in more severe cases the diabulimia may cause heart attack and even death. for now, after 16 months in a unit of eating disorders, Becky no longer has to use crutches or attend sessions with your mental health team.
The Scottish young is excited by its future and features to the radio program Newsbeat promised with her boyfriend, with it has moved to live with her, and who now has a dog.
«Do not inject you is addictive» the diabulimia occurs in patients with type 1 diabetes, who are afraid because insulin who need causes weight gain.
But do not use it, increases your blood sugar levels in blood, which is associated with serious health disorders: blindness, permanent kidney damage or damage to the nervous system.
Becky RudkinBecky has promised to be with her boyfriend, Joe, and they are preparing her wedding for the month of July.» Failure to follow treatment with insulin can kill them quickly», warns Dr. Khalida Ismail, psychiatrist specializing in diabetes.
The diabulimia is a very dangerous condition because it is associated with a chronic disease that will accompany the patient throughout their lives.
«You have to fight with both diseases at the same time,» recalls Nabeelah, another 22-year-old patient.
«Do not inject you insulin is addictive, because you can eat whatever you want and at the same time losing weight,» explained in documentary Gemma, 22 years old, diagnosed with diabetes type 1 when he was 12 years old.
Looking for treatment the team of clinical scientific Marietta Stadler, who works at King’s College Hospital in London, will receive $ 1.5 million to conduct research on the diabulimia.
She and her team will use this grant to try to better understand diabetes and carried out interviews with people who have the disease.
«Marietta StadlerLa scientific clinical Marietta Stadler, who works at King’s College Hospital in London, hopes to design an effective treatment for patients with diabulimia.» We can not we only rely on a group of doctors who choose an intervention, we must rely on the testimony of people who have lived with this»says Stadler.
It is hoped that research will take five years and the current plan is to develop a plan of treatment of 12 modules with a session every fifteen days for six months for patients with diabulimia.
Funding has been awarded by the National Institute of health research United Kingdom (NIHR, for its acronym in English), which is who decides to grant money to research projects that have a «benefit to patients».
Becky says that «it is time» to carry out a study of this nature, but is also concerned.
«Becky RudkinLa last time that Becky was admitted to the hospital was on the verge of death.» We are all different and we all try our own diabulimia and diabetes in a completely different way. So I guess that is the point that might be difficult to find a treatment.
«What can you do in 12 sessions with someone who has diabetes? You can only scratch the surface. I don’t know if a bi-weekly meeting is sufficient», he said.
But Dr. Stadler says that research is only the «first step», and after five years of funding, a larger trial will be needed before adopting a formal treatment in the public health service plan.
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