translated from Spanish: 5 meals that exceed 2,000 calories in a single plate

Butter, oil, cream and grated Parmesan: sauce Alfredo that accompanies the pasta in many restaurants in the world is by itself a caloric mischief that should be consumed occasionally.
However, it is one of the most widespread options on the menu of the restaurants in the United States.
Speaking of high-calorie dishes, they tend to think in «junk food», but a study published in the medical journal British Medical Journal analyzed different types of restaurants in 5 countries.
The investigation found three dishes that alone exceeded 2,500 calories and two exceeding 2,000. And not all the locals were fast food chains.
7 surprising ingredients and unexpected mixtures of the Peruvian Pia León, the best chef women in Latin America by what «bad» food tastes as well general nutrition recommendations stipulate that a single lunch or dinner should not exceed 600 calories.
This ensures that the daily intake in women does not exceed 2,000 and the 2,500 men, and who will be able to avoid gaining weight.
Therefore, visits to restaurants should stop to think about the reality of these five popular dishes: 1. Fettuccini Alfredo eats a this pasta dish and you’ve covered all the calories you need in a day. The individual menu analyzed by the journal has a portion of large-sized (weighs almost a pound) and is accompanied by bread.
The whole is 2,589 calories. The type of restaurant that serves this dish is for consumption on the premises, served by waiters.
Most of the calories come from the creamy Alfredo sauce.
According to the BBC Good Food website the recipe includes 25 grams of butter, 227 cream, 100 grams of Parmesan cheese and a spoonful of corn flour.
2 This oriental recipe known as Peppery Chicken pepper chicken has fried chicken as a basic ingredient. This typical dish of China (peppery chicken) reaches 2.585 calories in the ration of 650 grams analyzed by British Medical Journal.
Get crisp coverage required to coat the chicken in flour and fry it for long while in oil very hot.
The study measured the energy content of a representative sample of 223 popular meals purchased at 111 restaurants and fast food chains selected at random in large cities in five countries.
In particular, this dish was found in Beijing.
3 blood Mong blood and intestines of duck are a delicacy in China, although it can be eaten anywhere in the world. Although the study does not reveal the name of the restaurants that serve each dish, there is one in China able to provide its clients a ration of 1.3 kilos of weight and reaches 2.526 calories, call gross blood Mong.
Among the lesser-known in Western or Latin America Chinese culinary delights is this dish made with blood from duck and some edible parts of the animal.
Usually eat in cubes of jelly-like form accompanied by noodles in the form of soup or rice.
4 chicken with spaghetti Brazilians are the Kings of the churrasco and the picanha. In Brazil, we can find the next meal which exceeds almost 2,000 calories and per kilo of weight.
In the line style of daily food being prepared in the country, this dish mix rice, beans, farofa, spaghetti with olive oil and garlic, Chicken Parmesan, salad of cabbage with potatoes and raisins.
It is served in a restaurant of Ribeirao Preto, a city 300 kilometers from Sao Paulo.
5 chicken Tso this kind of fried chicken is very common in any part of the world-Asian restaurants. The General Tso’s chicken is a dish of fried chicken s popular in Chinese and chino-canadiense cuisine.
The dish was found by the authors of the study in a chain of restaurants in the United States.
It had a portion of 685 grams amounting to 2,057 calories.
And in Latin America?
No doubt, bandeja paisa Colombian, with their beans, their pork and their meat is one of the more caloric dishes that can be found in a food.
Beat 1822 calories, according to a study by the Universidad Javeriana, although the famous melting pot, with 1,300 and cocido boyacense with 1,525 calories are not left behind.
The Venezuelan pabellón criollo and pan Colombian paisa seem in the ingredients. The pabellón criollo, national pride of Venezuelan cuisine, can exceed 1,800 calories provided that all its ingredients: fried black beans, shredded meat accompanied by white rice and fried plantain.
If in addition it is accompanied with an arepa or two, dish power trips.
The traditional Creole hallaca has 183 calories per 100 grams, of which half comes from fat.
What is the diabulimia and why some consider it the most dangerous eating disorder of the world?
What are the 50 most nutritious foods?
«If you want to eat more hallacas at all times at Christmas, is suitable to prepare them with breast of chicken or Turkey instead of chicken or pork», recommended from the Foundation Bengoa.
In the restaurants of Mexico it is not usual to find the nutritional information on the menu. The famous fajitas with tortilla chips can reach 1,440 calories in one of the most famous restaurant chains in the country.
Calories in fast food menus were significantly lower. More calories which in the «fast food» «the total energy content in the menus of fast-food chains was significantly lower than that of meals from restaurants in full service in Brazil, China and United States,» the study concludes.
Contrary to the belief widespread, fast foods analyzed by the British Medical Journal contained one quantity of calories less than the dishes that we can order at full-service restaurants.
For the experts who launched this study, are ready meals away from home in general, rather than specifically fast food, which may be contributing to the global epidemic of obesity.

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