translated from Spanish: A member of Bolsonaro: «to which likes the Indians who go to Bolivia»

Rodrigo Amorim is the State most voted Deputy of Rio de Janeiro, came to Congress with Bolsonaro family support and is not surprising because his statements appear to have sid or learned from the same book. This week, that of the assumption of the new President and his Cabinet, was derogatory to one of the sectors that will begin to suffer the reactionary policies of the Brazilian Government: indigenous people, whom Jair Bolsonaro you want part of their lands.
The target of criticism from Amorim was the Macarana village, lined with the World Cup Stadium and is considered the Museum of ancient India and where some 20 indigenous people now live. Member of the Social Liberal party argued that the site «is an absurdity. The space could serve as parking or accessory equipment own Maracanã Stadium. As carioca, it causes me indignation to see that in the way that is today». 
The Government of Rio de Janeiro had tried to demolish it in 2012, 2014 to assist world facing the exit of the stadium where the final was played so it is not a descolocada idea of Amorim, but the comment made after: «to who likes Indian «, you go to Bolivia, which, in addition to being Communist, still presided over by an Indian» Rodrigo Amorim was who broke a commemorative plaque to Marielle Franco, the lawmaker who was killed by police in 2018. 

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