translated from Spanish: Family of Matías Catrileo Announces March in Temuco: “It means that more people are claiming our rights and defending nature”

“What always makes the Chilean, independent of the Government, State is repressing the political demands of our people. Mobilization means that more people are claiming our rights and defending nature against extractive investments”yesterday said Catalina Catrileo Quezada, sister of Matias, the 22 year old villager who died on January 3, 2008, to cause of the firing of a police corporal, after having participated in the occupation of the Santa Margarita exfundo.
According to La Tercera slogan, Catalina Catrileo argued that “as a family, this year we didn’t do anything, because we have a private life that we also want to keep. In public, various events are scheduled. There are activities in the Villa France, Concepcion, Puerto Montt and in Temuco organized a March for January 10, recalling Matthias and to all the brothers who have been killed or have died under different circumstances.”
On the other hand, this Thursday a group of villagers was taken, during the morning, units of the municipality of Collipulli, in La Araucanía, in support of demonstrations over the death of Camilo Catrillanca. Against this action, Mayor Manuel Macaya, filed a complaint with police.
Also, a group of hooded men, who apparently were carrying firearms, entered in the afternoon to the fundo San Jorge, route R-35, linking San Andres Collipulli, and burned a House. The PDI explores the fact.

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