translated from Spanish: The doctor who saved the two tourists: Sweden and the Chocobar case

little more than one year after saving the American Frank Joseph Wolek, which was marked by the actions of the policeman Luis Chocobar, Yamil Ponce returned to save other turist to attacked by a criminal. This is Peter Christoffer, 36-year-old, a man of Swedish origin who was shot by a criminal in the knee, as he walked about the streets of Tacuarí and Venezuela with his girlfriend, in the neighborhood of Monserrat. The tourists fell to the floor and the police called immediately to the SAME. He was transferred to the Argerich hospital.

In that place, the cardiovascular surgeon Yamil Ponce and his team managed to stabilize Swedish tourists. Because of the complexity of the picture presented, they had to amputate the right from below knee leg. In December 2017, Frank Joseph Wolek came on the brink of death with 10 stab wounds in his body given by two criminals in the neighborhood of La Boca. The case of the American tourist followed in the media by the response of police Luis Chocobar, civilian dress, killed the criminal who had attacked him. But from that moment, Wolek and Ponce forged a close friendship, to the level of spend the beginning of 2018 together. The doctor told that he knew Wolek would that end of year only with his wife, so they shared these feasts.

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