translated from Spanish: «Today we all understand that we cannot ask more taxes people»

few moments ago Mauricio Macri gave an interview to Neuquén signal AM 600 where in initially was consulted on his next visit to the provinces of Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego, the first since President the is this regard, Macri said that together his team will «try to see the agenda of the province», which defined as «very punishing. Like the country, it is no coincidence, had strong imbalances, a State that spent more than what he had.» Later, the President spoke out about the departure of Javier Iguacel and Lopetegui entered the Secretariat of energy: «the departure of Javier doesn’t impact because we were traveling the same line that started in the time of Aranguren, having as axis the» energy revolution from dead cow», said Macri. 

At the same time, it ruled out new changes to the Cabinet but he also dismissed potential outputs: «we are always making changes needed, besides people get tired because it is a very hard task, not everyone wants to change, than the Argentina improve». In the order of the elections and the formula to present, the President said that still does not have «discussed the topic, is a pending issue. Today my obsession is the Argentina will start up again.»

Subsequently, consulted on the stormy 2018, President explained the reasons for the crisis that spanned the country: «passed two things simultaneously: the first, internally, the drought.» The Argentina depends much on exports of soya and corn». The second, «the trade war between the United States and China did turn the financial world and Defund on more than 100,000 million dollars to emerging markets like ours,» said Macri. 
«Today we all understand that we cannot ask more taxes to the people».

«I hope, without making any forecasts, this year the Argentina will grow back (…)» It will slowly go down the inflation and that’s going to go help the purchasing power of wages to improve.» On the points of inflation and poverty, the President reiterated his «absolute priority poverty reduction», at the same time you create, «without making optimistic forecasts, which the Argentina is slowly going to restore a level of growth, consolidating the bases you need».
«Today is so important to have a good highway to travel like having access to the Internet,» ultimately, after classifying your second year of Government with an eight, the President preferred not to issue ratings for this 2018 is just ended. In this note:

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