translated from Spanish: What place should (or not) Alfredo Olmedo in the media?

Alfredo Olmedo, national Deputy for the province of Salta, said to be preparing to become candidate for President of the nation. However, their statements and election proposals arouse controversy whenever it makes them public. Deputy presents itself as the “Argentine Bolsonaro” and election proposals is the recovery of compulsory military service; the defense of “heavy-handed” with statements such as: “dejected offender, offender who does not return to be delinquent” or “who fold an offender will be honored, not prosecuted”; (e) including the introduction of the death penalty and of the chemical castration to violators.

Alfredo Olmedo and Jair Bolsonaro declared and broad support of some sectors of the Evangelist Church, Olmedo was the most interviewed legislator in television between August and October 2018 with 41 interviews, and the third in terms of figures in general, according to the co nsultora axes of Comunicacion.por which opens a debate on if statements that are based on the restriction and elimination of human rights that were expanded in recent decades should take place or not in traditional and which media It would be the responsibly do so by journalism. Beatriz Busaniche, President of Fundación Via free (NGO dedicated to the defense of fundamental rights on the environments mediated by information and communication technologies), ensures that despite divorce each and every one of the sayings of the Deputy Olmedo, even to the characterize them as “fascist”, it should not exist a prior censorship of his speech but avail themselves of their right to freedom of expression, if you fall within the constitutional laws. Responsibility for the spread of his speech is in those who give space, i.e. the medium and the journalist. Busaniche argues that every one of his sayings must be opposed with facts and figures that expose the legislator in its arguments. Otherwise, offer the space for the exhibition of their ideas only recent. Traditional media has an impact on society that suggests the interference that they may have in the elections from the speeches as the Olmedo or Bolsonaro.segun Busaniche, the first objective of any electoral candidate is to be popular. Therefore these figures get their popularity through space in the media and statements that generate impact in society, regardless of whether the impact is positive or negative. Such discourses ironically consumption helps to spread the message and get to areas that otherwise had not reached. Despite the fact that Busaniche has a response that considers as “accurate” about whether ironic consumption is functional or not to the fascist message, “ignore the existence of this kind of subjects and not listen to are there can be very risky”.

The arguments by which the electorate is decided by one or another candidate always are uncertain and difficult analysis. However, if we take the case of the last presidential elections of Brazil where for a long time the candidate with higher voting intention was Lula Da Silva and that, after his conviction, gave way to Jair Bolsonaro.Por prompting the logical deduction there ele balanced had intended to vote for Lula and who did so by Bolsonaro, candidates with political positions opposed, but which have a unique feature in common: are personal political figures. In short, the possibility of growth in the popularity of Alfredo Olmedo as candidate for President depends on several factors including the time of exposure in the media, the ethical responsibility of journalism which calls it, the support of sectors politically strong in society and its communication strategy to exalt his personalist figure through speeches that produce the necessary impact beyond its content. In this note:

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