translated from Spanish: Actresses Argentinas, against accusations of «selectivity» in their actions

«actresses Argentinas is an activist organization plural, diverse, independent of political parties and the State that was formed in March of 2018 to advocate for the leg alization of abortion», explains Julieta Díaz at the start of a short film, the first of four issued by the collective. This video, published under the title «What actresses Argentinas?» focuses on detailing the rise of the grouping and concludes with the phrase: «the legalization of abortion was only the tip of the iceberg. That is why we decided to continue.»

«What causes worked after the debate by legal abortion?» expands the objectives of the collective: the Integral Sexual education and the separation of Church and State are added to the list.

Already more promptly, «do actions carried forward from the denunciation of Thelma Fardin?» unveiled the initiatives that were pointing to the above mentioned goals: «to organise workshops for training and advice for the collective; We draw up a guide of action of 40 pages, which we share with many feminist organizations from across the country; We are beginning to work together with the associations and unions, to change working conditions and protocols of action against cases of abuse in our midst». Facing accusations «from the December 11 Conference tried to respond to the hundreds of cases and stories of abuses that reached us, enabling us with psychologists and lawyers, making the Guide to action against cases of abuse which we share c» «on organizations throughout the country, and listening to in a personal way to each of the hundreds of victims who approached us», lee Diaz again before the camera. In the following passage, from actresses Argentinas responded to the accusations: «the person that says that we are targeted because we do not publish specific hashtag or phrase in networks at the time at which the media determine it, invited it to reflect upon how» selective is the system designates when the agenda of the ‘relevant’, and leaves in the shadows to a huge amount of anonymous cases, silenced, ignored, invisible. There where nobody looks, is where we will find work.»

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