translated from Spanish: Buenos Aires teachers claim the “urgent call for joint” Vidal

front of unit teaching of Buenos Aires (FUDB) today claimed the Government of María Eugenia Vidal “the urgent call to the joint field”, before “the lack of resolution to the” wage, labour and educational issues already raised in 2018 “. Their demand, the front made up of guilds Suteba, FEB, Sadop, UDA, AMET and Udocba, calls “wage policy imposed by the Governor Vidal”, that holds, ‘deepens the deterioration in the purchasing power of the teachers’ resolve. The request is made through the presentation of a note addressed to the Governor of Buenos Aires; the provincial Labour Minister, Marcelo Villegas, and the director-general of schools, Gabriel Sanchez Zinny.

In the absence of call for joint and the lack of resolution to wage, labour and educational issues already raised in 2018, the FUDB demand to the Provincial Government the urgent call to the joint area. Release completo➡️— SUTEBA province (@SUTEBAProvincia) January 23, 2019 space calls to resolve “the situation critical of public education Buenos Aires, impacted by the consequent adjustment of the pre educational course and unilateral reforms that are implemented in different levels and educational modalities”. Two weeks ago, the Governor predicted Mirtha Legrand program that will be called the FUDB in February and that it will make a proposal “that can pay” and called a “tragedy” for the number of stoppages, around 29, that took place last year in the province of Buenos Aires. “Politics should not get the tail here. Do not hurt a Government, do you hurt millions of guys,”remarked gov. during dinner on television. In this article:

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