translated from Spanish: Mature breaks relations with United States: «only the people puts, removes only the people»

Nicolas Maduro spoke from the balcony of the Miraflores Palace to reconfimarse as President of Venezuela, in the midst of the internal and external shock that generated the autopro claims of Juan Guaidó as agent of the Bolivarian country.» We are majority. We are the people». This Presidential Palace we arrived with the vote of the people. Only the people puts, removes only the people,»said Maduro front of thousands of militant Chavez supporters who gathered in front of the Government House. 

«We saw State shocks of all kinds.» We do not want to return to the 20th century. No to the coup, no to interventionism», said the Chavez about the attempt of the opposition to run cargo. The leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela urged the American Chancery officials to leave the country and assured that it will break diplomatic relations with the Government of Donald Trump.
«The Government I preside over will defend the sovereignty at all costs,» said Maduro from Miraflores.

«With great force, say ‘ here, does not give here are going to the victory of peace, of life, of democracy.» Here we go to the victory of the future. The fair line is to fight to overcome and beyond ‘ «, said Maduro.» 

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