translated from Spanish: A dead and an injured severity after

Mazatlan motorcycle accident-a man without life, an injured person from gravity and a motorcycle calcined, was the balance of an accident that occurred Wednesday night in the avenida Oscar Perez Escobosa, this to the Real height of the subdivisions of the Valley and Real Pacifico.segun information gathered in the place both subjects – deceased and injured – were father and son and carried by July “n” name. Unofficial versions indicate that they were heading to a clandestine career of motorcycles which is carried out on the ride Pacific Avenue.

Photo: Debate witnesses who were in the place said that both men were aboard the motorcycle at a considerable speed, when the two wheel drive driver lost control and crashed into a lamp located on this Avenue.

Photo: After the impact, the motorcycle Debate gave several pirouettes in the area and began to catch fire, while one passenger died instantly the other fell unconscious even lifeless body side.

Photo: The Debate to place arrived Mazatlan’s fire brigade volunteers who began to attack the fire from the motorcycle, shortly after came the ambulance of fire veterans Mazatlan who reviewed the injured subject and was transferred to a nearby hospital because she had fractures to both arms, legs and skull.

Photo: The Debate minutes came after municipal police and transit who cordoned off the area and closed the avenue for at least two hours, controlling vehicular flow for that not to happen another accident. People with cries of despair who commented to be relatives of the injured came shortly after. Cries; “I told you that you were not at that”, “they were both well at home lying down, now I’ll take one in a box” desperate mother, did bristle present skin. Women trying to cross the cordoned area the cops denied you access because it would contaminate the scene.

Photo: The Debate once retaken the necessary information requested the support of experts so that they carried out an assessment of the situation and at the same time is called funeral home of guard to leave the body and he was transferred to the SEMEFO claim of their family ares photo: the Debate more information after the accident the municipal police launched a tour through the area and by the avenida Paseo Pacific where seized more than 25 motorcycles awaiting the start of the alleged clandestine road. Security institutions put together an operation during the tragic scene and began to review all motorcyclist that transited among the Rua.

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