translated from Spanish: Cubillos operation: the dilemma of La Moneda to install to the Minister of education in the Segpres

The idea is not new, round at Palace for several months, but the situation, conflicts, and especially the crisis generated by the case Catrillanca let it in abeyance. But now, once again, was it reactivated. A few days after President Sebastián Piñera and his Interior Minister, Andrés Chadwick, begin your holiday at La Moneda are working full steam to come up with the design that gives new impetus to the second year of Government and, in this logic – more than the change of inte ndentes and undersecretaries who, they claim, will be held between the end of January and February – tension in Palace was installed by any changes in the political Committee, definition where the Minister of education, Marcela Cubillos, is the key that makes noise.
No one is secret government Cubillos, together with the Minister of the environment, Carolina Schmidt, and transports, Gloria Hutt, form the club «favourite» Piñera, although the head of the Ministry of education enjoys a superior of the peer evaluation : «It’s the most loyal, it is who does not disappoint», asserting in Palace.
It has a privileged relation of extreme personal and political trust with Minister Chadwick, factor that plays even more in their favour to concretize the idea that you leave the portfolio of education and is installed in one of the offices of La Moneda – the option would be the Segpres-as a pair you of the political Committee and the hard core who, week to week, with the President Discusses and defines the steps to be followed. Moreover, some have noted that the original idea of this move would be, precisely, of the Minister of the Interior, who would be strengthened with an ally foolproof in the front office.
In these days only piñerista there is praise to evaluate the performance of Cubillos in the Ministry of education, to the point where more than one describes it as «the lifeline» of the Executive. The last time the favorite Palace, Cadem, survey measured the Ministers, was the 24th of December and there Cubillos won 51% approval, a number of unexpected for one of most complex and rude in any Government and that charges was before the onslaught of «admission n fair», initiative headed by the Minister and that in the poll on Monday achieved 63% support.

From La Moneda recognize that the idea of transferring Cubillos to the political core of the Palace «was being registered to the interior of the Government», since the Minister has fulfilled a fundamental role as a «fuse to crises», by what they consider necessary «look doing more political work». In La Moneda, nobody forgets that it was the only Cabinet able to divert public discussion of the death of Camilo Catrillanca, that two months had the Government of Piñera in a strong crisis which made staggering even to the mighty Chadwick.
But the idea is not easy, indeed, is quite complicated for Piñera. Carry Cubillos Palace involves disassembling the original design of the political team, which was thought as the circle of iron which should accompany the President four years in La Moneda, a ring of protection to the figure of impassable and irremovable representative .
Not only that, implies to publicly assume that this scheme failed, and in addition, break with a group of collaborators – Chadwick, Cecilia Pérez and Gonzalo Blümel – that has been working together since the bunker of Apoquindo 3000, long before the presidential campaign, whose Members have in common the trait of being pineristas fool-proof, without their own agendas, which earned them to win the elusive trust of the President. That, because the General Secretariat of the Presidency is what appears as the best option for Cubillos landing in La Moneda.
Chadwick, despite the erratic and weak politically was observed him in recent months, remains untouchable and, for now, irreplaceable in Interior in its task of driver of the entire Cabinet. Minister Perez «so far still seems immovable», as they stressed from Chile we and, while at La Moneda they stressed that Blümel has «significantly» improved their performance in the Segpres, still not Claudio gives width, to the point that without the figure of the Undersecretary Alvarado, the legislative agenda would be more difficult still.
On January 16, La Segunda published a note entitled «The hour of Cubillos», where experts recommended the former Deputy of the UDI to not to leave his post at the Ministry of education not to Unsharp to good management that has shown such portfolio. Item did not pass unnoticed in the corridors of La Moneda, where interpreted it as a «desperate from the Segpres cry» and an attempt to «burn» the name of the Minister of education as a Charter to strengthen the political Committee.
Cubillos has its detractors in the Government and the ruling party, because they consider it «effects», which reflects a look «short-term and project» a key portfolio as education and which has doomed only to «keep the attention of the media». Neither fell well internally the «job bank» that Minister installed in the Ministry of education for children of nearby and figures relevant to the detriment of professional pictures of Chile are going.
Focus of conflict alarms already set in the ruling coalition, because capture the idea to Cubillos political team involves breaking the balance of forces in the political Committee, where the UDI is represented inside with Chadwick, While RN is in the Segegob and Evopoli in the Segpres. An output of this portfolio Blümel is not well seen from the party led by Hernán Larraín Matte.
While in Evopoli recognize that the management of your Minister doesn’t look right, they stressed that it is he who has divided the opposition in Congress and that is something that should be recognized. But where manda Captain does not make the sailors, so if President Piñera is convinced of the idea to Blümel, in the party do not have two readings and stressed that the «minimum» will be require a castling and staying with the Ministry of education, because otherwise «or all the» sectoral ministries»subsanarían tort towards them.
The director of the center of political analysis at the University of Talca, Mauricio Morales, believes that remove Blümel would generate a political crisis with Evopoli. «Is most recognized by the public, although Cubillos experience could be more important this year. Blümel was more functional with a United opposition, but with a divided opposition, the Government can go to fight with more character.»
In any case, Evopoli would be alone in this fight, because in the UDI considered that the rule of the political balances no longer has the same value or weight of before and in the seats of Chile are going in general Cubillos has a pretty cross support. Among right-wing parliamentarians regarded favourably the idea that the Minister is transferred to the Segpres, because they consider a contribution to her lead all the projects of the Government agenda «with the same force that safe classroom and admissions fair, is what makes missing».
In the ruling recognized that Cubillos, together with Undersecretary Alvarado, to approve safe classroom with all the opposition against, was a great success and a test of how it would run as official dupla.
Anyway there are several who agree that «would not be reasonable» now out of education and that, to the Segpres, Piñera «would be tempting fate».

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